California TB Elimination Coalition

A patient tells her story about diagnosis and treatment to those gathered for the 2017 CTCA Educational Conference


Vision: Eliminate TB in California

Mission: Building bridges to eliminate TB, developing strong relationships with leaders in communities most affected by TB throughout California.

Statement of Need: TB is here in California. Most of our cases are from those carrying latent TB infection developing TB disease and spreading TB in their communities. More than 2,000 cases of TB disease are identified and start treatment in California each year. Approximately 2.5 Million Californians have latent TB infection. To eliminate TB, a stronger partnership between public health and private providers, to identify those at high risk for TB, test them and treat those likely to progress to disease, sharing new information and strategies to eliminate the threat of TB as they become available and advocating for new tools and the public health communicable disease infrastructure to eliminate the threat of TB in California.

Outreach: All CTCA Members, individuals and agencies, are automatically members of the coalition through their CTCA Affiliation. All TB Controllers and their colleagues are encouraged to invite agencies and organizations serving populations at highest risk for TB in their jurisdictions to join this coalition to work together to eliminate TB.

Letter of Invitation


The reforming of a California TB Elimination Advisory Committee and their ambitious five- year plan willed the formation of a California TB Elimination Coalition.

California Tuberculosis Elimination Plan 2016-2020
UCSF, CDPH, CTCA July 2016

Excerpted from the California Tuberculosis Elimination Plan 2016-2010, A Five-Year Action Plan, 2016, Executive Summary
The five-year action plan outlines the necessary steps to reach elimination of TB in California by the year 2040. The specific focus of the plan is to ensure the identification and treatment of individuals with LTBI in California who are likely to progress to TB disease. This plan is designed to facilitate collaboration among public health TB programs and private and public partners toward the common goal: a California free of TB. The audience for this plan includes public health practitioners, clinical providers, health plan administrators, policymakers, community organizations and coalitions and other partners in the public and private sectors that serve populations at risk for TB. GM


The first coalition meeting was held on 3/6/17 from 6-7PM. It was recorded.

California Tuberculosis Elimination Coalition Meeting
March 6, 2017
6-7 pm PST


  1. Introductions and Background to the Coalition (5 mins)
    • Vision- Eliminate TB in California
    • Mission- Build bridges to eliminate TB, developing strong relationships with leaders and communities most affected by TB throughout California.
  2. LTBI tools and resources (5 mins)
  3. Community Provider, Dr. Jerry Jew, presenting his practice of screening for TB risks, testing, and treating LTBI in his patient population (30 mins)
  4. World TB Day March 24th (5 mins)
    • Activities and tools for raising awareness
      • CTCA and Breathe CA will be completing a walk on Market st
      • LA County- Outreach and Education
    • TB Patient Opportunities and spreading opportunities to join the coalition
      • Facebook group “We Are TB”
  5. Advocacy Action Alerts (10 mins)
    • Bob Benjamin - See something; Say something; Do something
    • Contacting Members of Congress/their Health Aides
  6. Spreading the word about the Coalition (5 mins)
    • How to Join the Coalition
      • To become a member please email the Executive Administrator, Judith Thigpen, through the contact us link at the bottom of the page.