The 2018 Fall Meeting will be on Friday, September 7th, from 9:30-3:30 at the California Endowment Oakland Center. Download Registration Form Here.

There will be a call in number and webinar connection for remote participation.

09.04.18  Agenda

9:309:45                  I. Housekeeping, Review of Agenda, and Introductions

9:4511: 45              II. Discussion Items

  1. Guidelines Documents– Louise McNitt

     LTBI Guideline Revision Discussion and Vote
  2. Provider Outreach – Katie Kelsch

  3. TB Prevention Funding Proposal – Mike Carson

  4. Nurses and Allied Health Professional Forum (NAHPF) -Michael Joseph/Veronica Pehl

  5. Communications Committee/Coalition – Julie Higashi

  6. Spring Conference, March 11-13, 2019 – April King-Todd

11:4512:15            Hosted Working Lunch with Social Media Presentation

Part 1. Social Media Introduction - Audrey Abadilla

Part 2. WTBD 2018 Social Media Takeaways for 2019 – Michelle Gómez-Muñoz

12:152:15               III. TB Control Branch (TBCB), CDPH


A.    TB elimination progress – Jennifer Flood (handout)

B.    CDC Technical Instruction update/notification of status adjustors through CALREDIE – Pennan Barry

C.    MDR TB in CA – Lisa True

D.    TB control and prevention capacity and performance – Melissa Ehman

E.    TB Free CA – Neha Shah and Setie Asfaha

F.    Selecting community providers for engagement – Adam Readhead

G.   Status of Medi-Cal e-DOT billing – Stephanie Spencer (announcement)

2:152:45                  IV. Items from the Floor

A.  Directory for B1B2 entrants - Kathleen Moser, DGMQ

B.  ACET  - Barbara Cole

C.  CITC Update Kelly Musoke

D.  NTCA: Letter to Ambassador Haley - Donna Wegener

2:453:15                  V. Discussion Items - Continued

  1. Legislative Issues – Mike Carson

  2. Finance – Chris Keh

  3. Bylaws Revision Update – Chris Keh

  4. 2018 Spring TB Controller Meeting Minutes VOTE

3:153:30                  VI. Review of Action Items

3:30                              VII. Adjourn