Guidelines: Introduction

The Guidelines within this website are developed by representatives from State and Local Health Department Tuberculosis (TB) Control Programs in consultation with the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association (CTCA) Executive Committee and the California Department of Public Health, Tuberculosis Control Branch (CDPH-TBCB). The CTCA membership and the CDPH-TBCB have endorsed the Joint Guidelines for use in California.

The Guidelines serve as statewide standards for the treatment and control of TB in California. They clarify, simplify, and expand upon existing national guidelines and provide guidance on how to implement certain State statutes. In some instances, State recommendations may differ from national recommendations. TB control program managers, policy makers, and other persons evaluating TB programs may use these Guidelines for the assessment of individual TB control programs in California,

These Guidelines were developed primarily for Local Health Department TB Control Programs. However, many of the Guidelines are also appropriate for use by health and allied health professionals in other settings. It is recognized that in the implementation of statewide guidelines, there may be some instances where Local Health Department recommendations differ from State recommendations.

CTCA Forms

The CTCA Executive Committee has approved the Forms within this website for use in California. The Forms serve as standardized tools for exchange of information between jurisdictions, health, and correctional facilities.


These Guidelines do not cover every aspect of TB control. Local Health Department TB Control Programs should refer to national guidelines for subject areas not included in these Guidelines.

 If you modify the guidelines for local use, they will no longer be considered CDPH/CTCA-approved and the logos and footers referring to CDPH/CTCA must be removed.

*Please note that not all of the guidelines listed are joint CDPH/CTCA guidelines


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